Stand with Israel
-from סינים

Why Chinese?
Chinese is a multi-ethnic integration, including at least 56 kinds of ethnics, which are from different roots: Egypt, Israel, Ishmael, Mongolia, Iran.....etc. It can be called as "Expanded Mideast". As a big country with great population, China plays an important role to affect the whole world, especially at the end time before Messiah's coming. Of course, we do not want to see the Atheist to fool people and against God and His chosen people.

In fact, the strong evidence shows that the ancient Israelis built the first united dynasty of China, and brought some key Israel culture to ancient China. For example, passover. The descendants of ancient Israelis in China became some minorities and hide in the western mountains, who has been keeping in a lot of ancient Israel culture from Tanach, for example, speaking hebrew language about sacrifice, building holy temple, altar, wearing biblical clothes and keep special holidays......therefore, Chinese should have appreciate heart to bless Israel.  

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