Stand with Israel
-from סינים


No.1 Home Link Family Service

In Israel, there are some families who indeed need be helped, especially after the corona-19 broke out and lockdown for twice. We are trying to help some Israeli families to solve their family difficulties in a longer time way, through our free service: Home Link Family Service. We are trying to interview some jewish families who need be helped, and at the same time, we call for many Chinese families from mainland and oversea to help Jewish family for each month. We have a Ten-One Plan, which means organizing ten families to help one jewish family each month to solve their financial problem.


No.2 Family Counseling Service

Offering free counseling for families from different countries, by professional counselor with more than 30 years' experience. Prividing service for :

1. Marriage and Family Therapy

2. Development of Personal Growth

3. Emotional Intelligence and Management

4. Children Care

5. Other Family Issues


No.3 Books and Videos

You are welcome to join us to write and publish books and make videos to let the world know more about God's way to bless nations through Israel and how important to bless Israel for nations.


No.4 Organizing Theatrical Performances

You are welcome to join us to organize theatrical perrformances (we already did many times) for calling people to bless Israel.


No.5 Investment

Investment is one of important ways to help Israel. You are welcome to ask questions about this.


No.6 Promotion or being customers for Israel

You can try to buy products or find customers for Israel as favor. We can help you to find the goods that you want to buy.


No.7 Donation

You can directly donate to help Israel's needs, especially for homeless, olders, children,diabilities, army and so on. There are many official organizations to accept donation, we can help you contact them or offer free translation.